Range Rider Accommodations

Located in the town of Silver Gate, just outside the Northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park, sits the historic Range Rider Lodge.

Construction began on the Range Rider in 1937 after the magnificent Beartooth Highway was completed. Whole logs were brought in from the surrounding forests and oil paintings depicting beautiful mountain scenes were commissioned to line the banisters of the second floor.

The Range Rider was originally constructed to be an “indoor playground” for all of the tourists coming over the Beartooth Highway. Since its opening, the Range Rider, originally called the Gorham Chalet, has seen many wild times and brought a lot of entertainment to a small mountain community. Ernest Hemingway even used to frequent the bar and write.

The original logs still stand and the Range Rider still possesses all of the magic that it has had since the day it opened. Over the years not much has changed, just enough so that people can continue to enjoy the Range Rider as so many have been able to in the past.

Rooms in the Range Rider are available to be rented for nightly rentals. Rooms with one double bed start at $99.00/night and rooms with two double beds start at $184.00/night (these prices do not include tax). There are 5 communal restrooms; among them are 2 men’s showers and two women’s showers and two men’s restrooms and 2 women’s restrooms.

The Range Rider is a rustic lodging option for people who don’t mind communal bathrooms, creaking floors, and thin walls. It is a beautiful building with a lot of history and charm but its age shows.

The Range Rider Lodge is not for people looking for a luxury lodging option. It offers the bare minimum for your stay; the beds are comfortable and made with fresh linens and towels are provided for the bathrooms. The rooms are simple with just a bed and a table furnishing each room. The building warms up during the day but cools off at night depending on the outside temperature; to combat this we provide small space heaters in each bedroom.


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Range Rider Lodge is located in Silver Gate, Montana